Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pressure of being a Mom, a Blogger, a Business Owner...

As a woman and a Mom, there is always pressure on us.  Sometimes pressure can be a good thing, giving us that extra push to get something done.  Sometimes when the pressure is too much, it can just be overwhelming.  That has been me lately.  Pressure coming from all directions has just been building up. 

Our county has been working on rezoning our schools.  Right now our girls are in a cluster of schools.  Parents have the option to choose between five schools.  You register your preferences and then through a lottery system, you are assigned to a school.  My girls have attended their current school for four years now and we love it.  They both have great friends and have had excellent teachers.  Now we have found out that they have split the cluster into two sections.  Unfortunately for us, our current school isn't in our new cluster.  We have spent the last week attending open houses for each of the three schools in our district.  While checking out these new schools has helped ease some fears, I know it is going to be tough for our girls to leave the school, teachers, and friends they have come to know and love.  It's especially tough since almost all of those friends get to stay at their current school.

Helping one of our girls deal with academic issues in school can be stressful as well, especially when you don't exactly know how to help her.  She's recently been diagnosed with ADD and I'd like to have her tested to see if there are any learning disabilities, just to see if there is a better way to help her learn.  She's a smart girl, now we just need to figure out how to get her to focus her attention on her reading and spelling.  I know she wants to do well, however, I think that leads to her hiding bad papers or waiting until the last minute to show us so she doesn't have time to fix and return them like she is supposed to.  It can get quite frustrating. 

I also am working on my job of selling our outgrown clothes and toys at a bi-annual consignment sale in my area, Just Between Friends.  This is an awesome way of getting rid of things we don't need and earning some extra money, but it is quite time consuming.  This sale is a bit more so since they have converted to a new system.  In the past, I would have most of my items that hadn't sold at the last sale ready to be just dropped off again for the new sale.  However, this time I must unpack all these items and re tag them with the new vendor numbers on them.  This means my house is a disaster with all of these clothes and toys laid out so they can be entered into the computer system and then tagged.  This mess just adds another component of stress to me. 

Not only is the house a mess, but now I'm working on cleaning up a mess with our year old business.  We were given some incorrect advice when purchasing our company, so now I'm having to deal with the state and the IRS to get all of our returns for each quarter for the past year corrected.  Not fun!!  Especially when you want to make sure you are doing it all the right way.  Don't want to get in trouble with the IRS! 

Everyone has their issues that no one else may really know about.  From the outside looking in, someones life may look so easy and put together, but honestly no one has it that easy.  Even a family without any major disasters or illnesses to deal with, has the struggles of daily life to deal with.  Those with the major issues, have just that much more to deal with.  I am thankful that my family is healthy and happy.  I have no illusions that my family is that pulled together one, but we eventually get to where we are going, dressed and hopefully with most of our teeth brushed.  My issues are minor and will all pass.  It is just the pressures and the loneliness of dealing with it in my own head that can make you feel like you are going to break.  That's why I just had to get it all out.  Get it out of my head so that I can concentrate on getting the work done and moving forward. 

I know it will all work out, especially if someone could add a few more hours to each day!  But seriously, it will all get done.  Only when you are in the middle of it all with deadlines looming, it seems to be overwhelming.  When the pressure keeps building, something has to give.  At this point it has been my blogging that has been overlooked.  I've had to let it go since my family and our livelihood needs to come first.  I actually have quite a few completed projects that I could share.  I just haven't had the time to edit my pictures and write my tutorials in order to share them.  I will soon, I promise.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and thinking of you, but I'm taking the pressure off myself to get a blog post done while dealing with all of the other tasks I've got on my plate.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I'm off to work and off to send the hubby to Lowe's so that he can get the supplies we need for our next project to share.  Ummm....maybe this is why I'm so stressed!  Tip to Self:  Quit adding new things to the list before you get anything crossed off!  Lol!  But the new project would be so much more fun to do! 

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  1. You rock Melissa. Sorry to hear about your girls being sent to another school. I hope they adjust quickly. I feel this way too.. pulled in a million directions. It gets better. :)


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