Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Tragedy

Words can't express what I'm feeling about the events that took place in Boston.  I was left with a feeling of helplessness as all I could do was watch the events that took place on my TV, waiting for any word of how all of this could have happened.  Hoping that it would come out that it had all just been a big mistake.  That this couldn't have been planned for the purpose of hurting innocent people. 

For anyone that has run a marathon or any big race, you know that the race is the finale.  Preparation starts many months beforehand with dark, early morning runs while everyone else is sleeping, endless miles each week, speed workouts and cross training sessions.  You research the best foods to eat for your body.  You pass on fun outings with your friends because you know 5am runs come fast.  With the Boston Marathon, these preparations start even earlier.  You can't just sign up to run this race, you must first run another marathon to even qualify to enter.  It isn't just any old time either.  These are the fastest and most dedicated runners that qualify for Boston.  Some can prepare their whole lives and never reach that BQ (Boston Qualifier). 

For those that have trained, it simply is not fair that this kind of thing should happen at a place like this.  It is like the Super Bowl of marathons.  The best of the best have come to prove themselves, hoping to make it to the finish line.  That finish line should not be a place of dread and despair.  It's not fair to the runners, the proud fans, the lovers of the sport, or our country.  It's sad to think of the person or people that thought out and planned this horrible tragedy.  What makes a person think that it is a good idea to hurt others who have done nothing to them?  We may never be able to understand, but we can't let them win. 

Good will always overcome evil.  You saw it in all the clips as people rushed in to help those that had been hurt.  Not caring or thinking about their own safety, but only of those that could not help themselves.  There were police, EMT's, race officials, first responders, runners, and fans that did what they could to help the situation.  It was quite amazing that it all actually looked quite organized even in a time of panic and confusion. 

We do not know what will become of this situation, but we can't let it make us fearful.  We can not let evil and fear dictate how we live our lives.  I don't want to be afraid every time I attend a race, or parade, or sporting event.  These should be a time of joy and accomplishment.  I am proud of all the Boston runners and fans.  Proud of them whether they were able to finish or not.  Proud of the people that led others to safety.  Proud of our country.  I will pray for all of those affected by this tragedy.  I will continue to run races and to cheer on others that run.  I will live my life, not in fear of evil, but in pursuit of all things good. 

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