Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Embroidered Felt Bookmark Teacher's Gift

If your kids are in school, you probably know that this is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I'm always trying to think of cute and easy gift ideas to make that teacher's may actually use.  I usually do a little gift during this week and look for something bigger for the end of the year.  The class typically puts together a gift basket from the whole class, but it is nice to have something little for my daughters to present themselves along with their homemade cards.  This year we decided to make our favorite teachers embroidered felt bookmarks!

If you are good at that kind of thing, you can hand embroider whatever design you would like.  I decided to take advantage of my sewing machine's under used specialty stitch feature and machine embroidered our teachers' names.  I really want to find more uses for these specialty stitches.  They can be so much fun!

I then cut out the embroidered section with pinking shears to give it a more decorative look.  I cut out a second piece of felt that was slightly larger than the first piece in a contrasting color.

I slipped in a folded piece of matching ribbon to one end of my bookmark and pinned it in place.  Finally I stitched around the edge of my smaller felt piece, sewing the two pieces together and securing the ribbon in place.  Your embroidered felt bookmark is ready to hold your place.  These felt bookmarks are great for package toppers or as party favors.  Show your favorite teacher just how much you appreciate her with this Embroidered Felt Bookmark!


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