Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kid Painted Wine Glasses

The other day I shared my Kid Painted Scribble Mug, a fun and easy gift that the kids can make.  Mine was actually made by my 2 year old.  I needed another project for my older girls to make for their other grandma for Mother's Day.  My Mom likes to drink hot tea, so the mug was the perfect gift, but their other grandma is more of a wine drinker.  So we decided to make a special painted wine glass just for her. 

All you need is a wine glass, a paint brush, and paint made especially for glass that can be baked to be made permanent.  I used Plaid's Gloss acrylic enamel navy blue paint.  Now it is time to decorate your glass!

My girls worked together to create this design.  It is kind of a flower, with petals working up the sides of the glass.  Be sure not to paint all the way up to the lip, in order to keep it safe to drink out of.  Allow your glass to dry for 48 hours and bake according to the directions on your paint.  I baked mine for 10 minutes at 325 F.  Allow to cool in the oven.  Be sure to let the gift recipient know that it is best to hand wash their painted wine glass.

Your kids can choose any design they like.  Swirls can be fun to draw and polka dots are easy to make if you dip the back side of your paintbrush or a pencil eraser into the paint and dab it on the glass.  No matter the design, the recipient will love anything that has been hand made with love, just for them!  These are great for Mother's or Father's Day gifts!

Not only will the recipient love their gift, the kids will love the fact that they made a special something.  Creating a gift will give them a feeling of satisfaction, plus it is just fun!

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