Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pulled Pork & Cream Cheese Po'Boy

One of my hubby's hobbies is to smoke BBQ.  He doesn't get to do it too often since it can be so time consuming.  He can take up to fifteen hours to smoke a Boston butt to make pulled pork.  Cooking that long means that he will have to be up through the night as well.  This last Saturday we had a full day on Saturday with a community garage sale in our neighborhood, our girl's soccer game and some errands.  He started smoking the pork at about 6 pm.  Such dedication!  He set his alarm for every hour and a half to check on it throughout the night.  He even slept on the couch so he wouldn't wake me.  I guess you know he really likes his BBQ if he is willing to do all of that! 

We also really like pressed sandwiches in our house.  Something about the warm, crusty bread and melted cheese makes it all taste better.  Pressed Cuban Sandwiches are one of our favorite go to quick weeknight meals.  Back when we were dating, we would like to visit a local restaurant that served pressed sandwiches called Po'Boys.  Yummy sandwiches and one of the only places I knew that served tater tots.  We took the kids a few times, but they were less excited about the tater tots.  Baffling, I know!  Sadly, they are no longer in business.  One of their sandwiches did inspire us to make our own Po'Boy.  We took my hubby's love of BBQ and combined it with the yumminess of cream cheese to make our own Pulled Pork & Cream Cheese Po'Boy.  If you don't smoke your own BBQ, don't worry, you can find ready made pulled pork at the grocery store.  Oscar Mayer even has some.  Just make sure it is the sauceless kind.  I made my Po'Boy lower in fat and calories by using fat free cream cheese and 2% milk cheese slices.  Super easy and another great weeknight meal that the family will love.

Pulled Pork & Cream Cheese Po'Boy
by Love Bug Living

French bread
cream cheese
Swiss cheese slices
Pulled Pork (homemade or sauceless prepared)

Cut your french bread loaf in half lengthwise.  Spread both sides of bread with cream cheese.  Add your pulled pork.  Top with your cheese slices and top with your french bread.  Place your sandwich on a hot griddle or flat skillet over medium heat. Using a griddle press, press down on your sandwich as you heat it. If you don't have a press, use another pan with a hot mitt on it and press down your sandwich. Flip and press down again. Heat through and serve.

Don't like pulled pork?  You could also used shredded chicken or turkey.  Great idea for those leftovers or meat pulled off a rotisserie. 

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