Thursday, June 20, 2013

Easy Bandana Superhero Cape


 This summer has already been so busy!  I think we are pretty much booked from now until school starts again.  We started off our first week with a soccer camp for both of our older girls as well as dance rehearsals and three recital performances.  They both love their dance, but were excited to get to go to soccer camp as well.  They were two of only three girls in the whole camp, but they didn't seem to mind.  Our oldest is a bit quiet, but always one to try her best at everything.  Our middle daughter is full of energy and loves to talk to anyone that will listen.  Of course she made new friends and chatted up her coaches all week. 

During the week, they would have little competitions to make it fun for the kids.  One day was the bed head day, another one was jersey day, and then there was superhero day.  The kids were supposed to come up with their own superhero power and their name, then they could dress up for the part.  Of course superheroes need capes!  I wasn't going to have time to make a Reversible Cape like I did for my nephew, so I had to come up with an easier plan.

We started our capes by looking for bandanas at Walmart.  They each found a fun print they liked and they only cost $1 each.  They wanted their capes to reflect their superhero powers, so A picked a cheetah print and called herself Cheetah Girl.  Her power was to be super fast. 

E is always obsessed with weather and storms and gets a bit panicky about them.  So it was kind of ironic that she picked the name Super Twister.  Her special power was to create and control tornadoes.  To create their symbols, I drew and cut them out of craft felt that I had at home.  I pinned them in place in the middle of the bandana.  Then I stitched them in place.  If you'd rather not sew, you could always use fabric glue to keep the felt symbol in place.  Or you could even try fabric mod podge as well.

We then folded the top corner of the bandana down to create more of a cape look.  You could always cut this corner off, but I just decided to fold it over.  Use two safety pins to attach the cape to your child's shirt and your superhero is ready to fly!

Cheetah Girl

Super Twister
The girls had fun showing off their bandana Superhero Capes and I loved how quick and easy they were to make.  Perfect for soccer camp or just everyday Superhero adventures!

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  1. So much cooler than the dish towel cape of my childhood! I'd love if you'd come and share at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  2. are there brands on those bandanas? Id like to order them online! :) (

    1. There is no brand name on them, but I bought them at Walmart.


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