Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Story Time Blocks

It's summer time, which means time to have fun with the kids!  However, you don't want them to lose everything they've learned through the school year.  They can still work on learning without even realizing it's work, by making it a game.  These Story Time Blocks are great for kids of all ages and are so easy to make. 

You will start with small wood blocks, found at most craft stores.  I got mine from Michael's.  The number of blocks is up to you, but I made four to a set.  You will also need a variety of small stickers.  They can be anything, but it is good to get a variety of subjects.  I chose stickers of flowers, sports balls, animals, and other household items.  Place a sticker on all six sides of your blocks.  Using a small foam brush, apply Mod Podge over one side of each block.  Allow to dry before turning and applying to another side.  Continue this process until all sides have been covered.  Apply a second coat on each side if needed.

To play, have your child roll the blocks.  Then they can either tell or write a story based on the items on the blocks.  This can help with creativity, sentence structure, story telling, and even handwriting.  The story will be different with each roll.

I also found this great cardboard box with a hinged lid at Michael's.  I added a bit of scrapbook paper and some sticker letters, covered it all with Mod Podge, and you have the perfect game box for your Story Time Blocks. 

The Story Time Blocks are perfect for kids of all ages.  My two year old likes to make her one or two sentence story using all of the blocks, while my nine year old will tell her sisters a longer, more complex story.  The stories will grow as your kids do.  

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  1. I'm making these RIGHT.NOW!

    I'll blog it when I'm done. Thanks! :)

  2. My blocks are done! :) http://seaexplore.blogspot.com/2013/08/allys-2nd-birthday-is-coming-up-fast.html


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