Friday, August 30, 2013

Easy Master Bedroom Update

As if we didn't have enough to do redecorating and reorganizing all three of the girls' rooms, we decided that we should do a little update in our master bedroom too.  Of course our room was the easiest to do, so it was done first. 

I like to update things every once in a while, just to keep it different.  We usually just do little things every once in a while.  It makes it more affordable that way and you can constantly keep it fresh.  We used to have a red as our accent color, but we recently got new bedding and changed the accent to a darker purple color.  So the pictures we had on the sides of the bed with red in them no longer matched that well. 

Plus the large open space above the headboard made the whole look kind of bare.  We wanted a new look to make our bed look less boring.

We found some art we liked at Old Time Pottery.  They are a great place to find a wide variety of items at a reasonable price.  We made ourselves at home, laying out different pieces on the floor to see how they went together.  The large metal and wood tree was our favorite, but also the most expensive at $50.  We loved how all the pieces went together and got the set for under $100. 

To pull the look together we hung small rods (from Target) on either side of the bed with white sheers from Ikea.  I'm so happy with the final look.  It is so much more complete and I like how the space above the bed is filled.  A quick and easy way to change the whole feel of the room.

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