Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Polka Dot Girls Room

We are in the process of redecorating a room to be our oldest daughter's bedroom.  That means every room in our house is a total wreck right now.  Currently our two older daughters share a room to sleep in and then they have most of their toys in the other playroom.  Due to complaints of snoring, we figured it was time for each of the girls to have their own space.  We also want them to be able to be responsible for their own room as well.  Right now our oldest usually ends up cleaning most of it just so it will be done.  We're hoping that if everyone has their own rooms, they will all be responsible for keeping up with their own area.

Right now we have about a million projects on our list, every time one is completed two more get added!.  The rooms are just torn apart and everything pushed to the middle so we could paint.  I didn't even remember to get a before picture.  This made me start thinking of projects that I've done in the past that I never got to share since they happened before I started my blog. 

One of these projects was my oldest daughter's first big girl room.  So colorful and fun!  Like many little girls, she loved pink.  I didn't want it to be too girly, so we added some bright polka dots in many different colors to keep it more modern.

Hard to believe that she will be ten next month!  Look at that little peanut!  She is about the age of my youngest right now.  We added any pop of color we could.  The thrift store side table got a new coat of paint and fun flower pulls.  The theme was polka dots and stripes, as you can see in the bedding. 

We added her name to the room by painting four canvases each a different color.  Then painting a large letter on each.  Flower and heart wall decals added a little fun to the closet doors.

This room seems like so long ago, but it is funny to see how many of the items have been handed down to her sisters.  The bookcase is now packed with books, the play kitchen fridge (complete with the squishy teddy bear) is in our youngest daughter's room, and our oldest still has the quilt I made her on her bed. 

Like I said earlier, she will celebrate her 10th birthday next month and is thinking of doing a craft themed party.  But, many years ago she celebrated her birthday with a princess party, complete with a kid sized castle crafted out of boxes!  This was another project we did that stayed up in our dining area until it could stand no longer.  So much fun and pretty simple to make.  Check with your local appliance store for boxes.  Cut notches out of the top edges.  Paint them gray and use a sharpie to create a stone brick look.  Cut doors and openings for tunnels if you'd like to connect your boxes.  Duct taping your pieces together from the inside keeps a uniform look on the outside.  Hours of fun for the kids!


  1. Hi there. The room looks great. I'm wondering if you can tell me what brand of dots you are using? I'm trying to find something similar but have had a hard time finding the large sizes. Thanks.

    1. We actually used different sized mixing bowls to trace circles onto the ball with pencil. We then painted them in with the different colored paints. Good luck with your room!


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