Thursday, October 31, 2013

Super Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The day is here!  Time for Halloween parties, festivals, and trick-or-treating.  Some people have been planning for this day for months, getting their costume just right.  Others have procrastinated and are hoping a costume will just work itself out.  Or maybe plans changed, and you just found out you need a costume.  Don't worry, there is still time to pull something together.   No need to run out and drop $50 on something from the party store.  All you have to do is shop your closet!

My hubby and I have a bin in the attic for costumes we've worn in the past, old jerseys, silly clothes, and anything that we could use for a future costume.  The kids have had a lot of fun this year with the old cane that is in there.  However, not everyone has a bin like this to go to.  Don't worry, I have plenty of ideas and you are bound to have something in your closet that will work.  All it takes is a little imagination!

Singing in the Rain - All you need are a pair of rain boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella.  If you have any white or blue streamers, tape pieces around the edge of your umbrella to look like rain.

Bedtime Lady - Grab your bathrobe, slippers, and put your hair in some curlers.

Spy/Private Eye - Grab your trench coat, a hat, and some sunglasses.  Make your own badge too.  Cut a badge shape out of cardboard (cereal box will work) and cover it in aluminum foil.

#1 Fan - What's your favorite sports team?  Grab all your fan gear and wear as much of it as you can.  Jerseys, hats, socks, pom poms, foam fingers, flags, and anything team colors.

Nerd - Wear those pants a little too high with the pant legs rolled up.   Button that shirt all the way up and tuck it in.  Slick back the hair with lots of gel or in a ponytail.  Glasses, pulled up socks, and sensible shoes complete the look.

School Girl - Plaid or wool skirt.  Button up shirt and sweater.  Pigtails and knee highs.  Carry a book.

Shadow - Wear black pants, a black shirt and a black ski cap or hat.  The perfect excuse to follow someone around all night, just be their shadow!  Not recommended for trick-or-treating for safety issues.

Pocahontas - Start with a large brown t-shirt.  Cut fringe into the sleeves and the bottom hem.  Tie a few beads onto the fringe if you have any on hand.  Pair with leggings and boots.  Two side braids paired with an elastic headband around your head.  If you have a feather, stick it in with the headband.

Big Kid - Have some silly PJs?  Pair them with some slippers and some piggy tails.  Have fun being a kid again.  Don't forget your stuffed animal!

Chef - Wear your outfit of choice, but throw on an apron and carry a whisk.

Super Mom or Dad - Make an Easy Bandana Cape with your own Super logo on it.  Then carry a baby doll, bag of groceries, keys, cooking supplies and anything else you can manage to show what a super parent you are!

My kids have a bin of dress up clothes.  If they need a costume, they just sort through their bin until they find something they want to wear.  They usually wear two to three costumes each Halloween since we attend a few events, but they just sort through their bins for what they want to wear that day.  After Halloween is the perfect time to stock up this bin when all the Halloween costumes go on clearance.  My kids enjoy these dress up clothes year round.

What was your easiest Halloween costume?  Creativity is everything.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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