Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gold Painted Spoons Hostess Gift

We are into December, which means weekends filled with shopping, decorating and lots of parties!  It's always fun to get together with friends and family that you might not get to see too often.  I think we have some kind of party every weekend until Christmas!  You don't want to show up empty handed, but with all the gifts you are already buying, funds might be tight for hostess gifts.  Why not make a little something to show your host that you appreciate them.  I made these Gold Painted Wooden Spoons for my sister when she hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

All you need to create them is a set of wood spoons, gold metallic spray paint, and painter's tape.  Decide how far down you would like your gold to be.  Make sure you can still use the wood spoons without your paint touching food.  Spray paint is not food safe!  Tape off the handle with painter's tape, covering the bottom spoon part with newspaper to protect it.  Paint the spoon handles with your metallic gold spray paint (or really any color you choose).  Prop your spoons up to dry so that the handles don't rest on the ground.  Allow to dry completely and remove your tape.

Such a practical, easy, and pretty gift for your hostess!  Tie your set of spoons together with a big ribbon and your gift is ready to go. The perfect little present!

Hope you have a wonderfully, busy holiday season.  Make this year a homemade holiday!

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