Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday A!

I love reminiscing each year on my girls' birthdays, just browsing through old pictures of them from when they were little.  You really don't realize how fast time has gone by until you see how much they've grown.  It seems to happen right in front of your eyes without you even realizing! 

Today I want to wish our middle daughter a Happy 8th Birthday!  She is certainly sassy, with a mind all of her own.  She is very caring and social and such a great sister.  She is the first to give up something of hers if one of her sisters wants it.  She loves to take care of little kids and is definitely my little mommy.  She is fun to be around and always has lots of friends.  She is getting so grown up!  What happened to this little girl? 



Happy Birthday sweet girl!  Hope your day is exactly what you wanted it to be.
Love you!
Mom & Dad

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