Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monogram Drink Glasses

My Dad likes to have an adult drink every once in a while.  It's always fun to try a new liquor or spirit.  Except at my Dad's house, you never know what kind of drink glass you might get.  I decided to make him his own Monogram Drink Glasses for Christmas. 

The process was pretty simple.  I found drink glasses I liked and bought a black glass paint pen.  I found a letter I liked on the internet and printed it out.  I put the paper with the letter on it in the glass and taped it in place, lining up where I wanted the letter to be on the glass.  Next I traced the letter onto my glass to create my monogram.  Allow it to dry and trace over your letter if you need it to be darker.

Make a glass or make a whole set of monogram drink glasses to keep or for a friend.  Perfect addition to your home bar.

Want to give your monogram drink glass as a gift?  Pair it with your own homemade infused vodka!  We experimented with all kinds of fruits and herbs to make gifts for our family.  Some of our favorites were Apple Cinnamon, Peach, Lemon-lime, and pineapple.  Want to make your own?  Nosh on It has a few recipes to check out.  The Kitchn also has some recipes. 

Figure out which flavors are your favorite in your new Monogram Drink Glasses!

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