Thursday, January 30, 2014

Packing for Ragnar Relay Key West

Ever heard of Ragnar Relay?  If you are a runner, you may have heard a bit about it.  If not, you must look into it!  This is the best team running event around!  Well, not sure if I would call it a running event or more like camping with some running thrown in.  Either way you will get to know your friends better than you ever thought possible.  How can you not when you spend 30+ hours in a van with five other people?  With no sleep and running at all times of night, there's no limits to the fun that can be had.

Ragnar Relay is a race where 12 people in two different vans take turns running a total of 200 miles.  Each person runs three different legs, spread out over a day and a half.  There are a variety of distances for all levels of runners.  Totals range from 12-21 miles, depending on the leg you choose.  The legs are set before you start, so you know what you are in for. 

One week from today, I will be starting my journey down to Miami to start our adventure.  Our start time is 5am on Friday morning and we are scheduled to finish in Key West just before 2pm on Saturday afternoon.  I have done the Ragnar Florida that was run from Clearwater to Daytona Beach.  That race was discontinued and replaced with the Miami to Key West race.  This will be my first time running the Keys race. 

Once the training is done, the toughest part of it all is to make sure you pack without forgetting anything!  I've made a list of everything that I am packing for Ragnar Relay Keys.  Hope this helps you plan for your next Ragnar.  Of course, the Keys is probably a bit different than some of the other colder races!

Running Items

Reflective Vest
Tail light
Small Flashlight to help see during night hours
MP3 player
Running Watch
Heart Rate Monitor
Cell Phone/ phone sleeve for running
Shorts or Capris for each leg
Running Shirts/ Tanks for each leg
Long sleeve shirt for evening run/ Arm Warmers
Water Belt/ Handheld water bottle
Running socks/ Compression socks/ sleeves
Running Shoes
Sports Bras
Costumes or accessories
Ziploc Bags to hold items for each leg
Jacket or Pullover for evening hours
Race Bible
Maps of Race legs


Sports Drinks
Protein shakes or Chocolate milk for recovery
Fruit - Bananas, Oranges, Grapes...
Granola Bars or Protein Bars
Energy gels/ Electrolyte replacement tablets
Sandwiches or Items to make PBJs

Everything Else

Sleeping Bag/ Blanket
Tent if there is a chance of rain
Newspaper - to stuff your shoes in case of rain
Baby Wipes
Body Glide/ Vaseline
Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
Flip flops for between legs or in showers
Towel/ Car Seat Covers
Foam Roller or The Stick to keep muscles loose
Bathing suit to soak in the hot tub after the race
Extra Batteries
Decorations for the Van
Gas money
Cash for showers and food at Exchanges
Camera to document all the memories for your Running scrapbook

Anything that I'm forgetting??

I definitely recommend you look into running a Ragnar Relay.  Even if you are a beginning runner, you can have the time of your life.  It's less about the running and more about the teamwork and the party!  Teams are always honking and cheering each other on.  It is all made more fun with all the van decorations and team costumes.  If you are interested, be sure to sign up early.  Races can fill up months in advance.  Start training and join the Ragnar party!


  1. My team is flying to Miami & staying in they Keys for a few days after Ragnar. We agreed to use duffel bags since they will fit under the seats in the van. Our challenge is trying to get all of our gear plus our clothes for after into duffel bags. It was much easier when we did a local Ragnar & came home right away. Terri

    1. It's hard enough to pack everything for the race. To add in your clothes for a few days afterwards is definitely going to be a challenge! If you rented a 15 passenger, it shouldn't be too bad. I'm not looking forward to the 8 hour ride home in our Sequoia after being in it for so long.


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