Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stamped Key Ornament for the New Homeowner

The New Year is here!  Did you have a good 2013 or were you happy to see it go?  I'm lucky to say that I've never had a year that was bad enough to be called my worst year ever. Each one has had its ups and downs, but not one low that was bad enough to ruin my whole year. 

2013 seemed like a year of changes for some people. Not so much for us, but many people I know had new jobs, new babies and new houses. These are all big milestones in a person's life. I always love to give a little memento to commemorate these special events. This Christmas I thought I would make Stamped Key Ornaments for my new homeowner friends.

The first thing you need to find is a fun or interesting key. You can find them at antique stores, craft stores, or even skeleton keys at Lowe's or Home Depot. I found mine in the scrap booking section of Michael's. Next comes the stamping part. I found my blank tag at Hobby Lobby. Most of the craft stores carry them. I used a small tag and just stamped the year on it, but you could also use a larger tag and stamp the family's last name on it as well.  

One tip I like to use to keep my stamped words straight is to place a piece of tape as a guide for a straight line. I also like to start by stamping the middle of my word first and then work my way out to make sure I space them evenly. Whack your stamp with one strong hit.  Fill in your letter indentations with a Sharpie. Wipe away the excess marker with a paper towel that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. The top of your blank will be wiped clean with the marker left behind to darken your letters.

I used a jump ring to attach the date tag and the key together. Then I simply slipped a piece of ribbon through the jump ring to hang the ornament by. Cut the ribbon to the right length and tie. 

This Stamped Key Ornament is a great gift for any homeowner to remember when they got their new keys. Every year they will relive these memories as they hang their key ornament on the Christmas tree. 


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