Monday, February 3, 2014

Running for Breast Cancer Awareness

This past weekend, me and my girls took part in a special women only race that I like to run every year.  The Lady Track Shack 5k in Winter Park, FL benefits the Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Care Fund.  I've always felt like this was a great cause to run for, but this year the race got more real.  This year the race was held just two days after one of our friends received her first chemo treatment for breast cancer.  We definitely wanted to show her that she had our support and that we believed in her.  We had our largest group ever sign up to run this race together.  We made sure to get matching t-shirts to show everyone just who we were running for.  They said Believe - Running for Rynda.

Foggy morning before the race.
It had been rainy and cold all week.  Lucky for us, the rain held off in the morning so that we could have a good morning for our run.  The rain did pick back up again in the afternoon. 

Race Start
Over 2,000 women showed up to run and walk for the cause.  Many runners had signs for loved ones as well.  My girls would point out all the different names they read on people's shirts. 

Almost there!
My girls did great running.  This is the third year that they have run this 5k with me.  Each year they both get a little bit faster.  Last year, my middle daughter beat her big sis.  This year Big Sis got revenge and beat her younger sister. 

Finishing Strong!

Even the kids got to race.
All the girls get to get in a run.  Even our youngest got to run in the kids race.  She did make me run with her though.  I think she enjoyed everyone cheering for her! 

So proud of her ribbon!
It seems that more and more people know someone or have been affected themselves by breast cancer.  While the fight to find a cure continues, the best thing that we can do is to educate ourselves and have yourself checked for early detection.  Remember to do self exams monthly.  I don't know exactly what to say or do to help my friend, but I do hope she knows that we are all here for her whenever she needs something.  I can't even imagine how scary that situation is and I just hope everyone dealing with this has a support system to help them make it through.  We believe in hope for a cure!

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