Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Giant Jenga Game

The weather is getting warm and it's time to start enjoying the great outdoors, even if it's just in your own backyard.  School is almost out and I'm looking forward to relaxing summer nights and backyard barbecues with friends.  A party wouldn't be complete if you didn't have some fun games to play.  What could be more fun that an outdoor game of Giant Jenga?! 

This isn't a tough game to make yourself.  All you need are some 2x4's, a chop saw, and a sander.  A Jenga game has 54 game pieces.  We bought 8 2x4 pieces that were 8 foot long.  Try and pick out clean pieces that don't have too many knots or holes.  Cut each piece into 10.5 inch pieces.  This should give you 7 game pieces per piece of wood.  You'll have 2 extra pieces in case of mistakes or bad knots. 

After you've cut all your pieces, now you can sand the cut edges of each of them.  This can be kind of time consuming, but well worth it to make your pieces look nice.  It also makes your pieces slide a bit better as well.  You can also stain or paint each piece as well.  We chose to keep our game pieces natural, but I added a little stamp on the end of each game block, just to add some personality. 

Now it's time to play!  Invite some friends over, stack your pieces, and watch your toes when the pile starts to tumble! 


  1. I've wanted to make one of these for so long! It just looks so fun! Thanks for re-inspiring me! I'd love for you to come link these up at my Skip The Housework Party!

  2. We are making this tonight. Thanks. :)

  3. We played Giant Jenga in a bar in Denver while there visiting - it is so fun! We are now making a set to take camping with us. Thanks for the great pictures!

    1. I would love to have this to play at our family reunion. It would be so much fun and it's easy to make.


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