Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day of School

The last day of school is finally here.  I will be so glad to have some time off from homework and after school activities.  We will have more time for family stuff and just to relax.  Of course that means the kids will be creating massive messes at home.  They can't just play with one toy.  They must take out all of them at once.  Then of course, cleaning it all up is just torture.  Hopefully we can keep them busy enough so that they don't hit that 'bored' stage.  Where as I would like to be a little bored if possible!

I love to see these photos comparing the first day to the last day of school.  You can really see how the girls have grown and changed.  You miss all those little changes that happen during the busy days of real life.  It's so fun to capture those pieces of time, so we don't forget them. 

For now, we will be busy enough with orthodontic visits, swim lessons, a day trip to Disney, dress rehearsals, and dance recitals.  Until we have time to get bored, we will enjoy every busy minute we have together.  Happy Last Day of School!

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