Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Snack Cup

I wanted to quickly share what we sent in for Teacher Appreciation Week today.  My girls have four teachers and we had already sent in money to contribute to the class gift, so we just wanted to send in something small to let our teachers know that we appreciate them!  We found these insulated plastic red solo type cups at Walmart to use to pack our treats in.  Then I found some things everyone needs: a Kind granola bar, hand sanitize, lip balm, and a relaxing face mask.  

I made little tags on Word using one of their tag templates that had a notebook theme.  I typed a little note:
You've been "Kind"
to the kids all Year,
Now sit back, relax,
and have a cold...Lemonade!
Wow!  Just now realized that I have a typo on all the tags that I sent in!  I'm sure the teachers are really impressed with my spelling skills!  Help!  Is school out for summer yet???!!!  Struggling a bit here just with life in general, so hopefully they are ready for summer as well and read right over that little mistake. 

After filling up our cup, we wrapped it in cellophane and tied it up with ribbon and added the typo tag.  Small, sweet and hopefully the little pick me up they needed.  I know one of the teachers especially enjoyed the granola bar since she had missed breakfast!

Hopefully these Teacher Appreciation snack cups help you find even a small way to brighten someone's day.  A quick tip: don't print your gift tags after midnight, especially if you aren't going to proofread them very well.  In my defense, I did ask my hubby to check them too.  Thanks dear!  Lol!


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