Friday, October 17, 2014

Hometown Heart Map Canvas

You probably know by now that I like to make personalized gifts for my friends. This Hometown Heart Canvas is the perfect wedding gift to celebrate two hearts coming together. Each person has their own past and upbringing that makes them who they are. This canvas honors these pasts combining them into one heart.  

This project begins with a search for maps of the hometowns.  I was able to find my maps in books I found at Goodwill.  You may have some on hand, but if not, Goodwill or a used book store is the perfect place to start your search.  They may have an older or outdated Atlas or map book.  I got one of each for only $.99 each.

Next, I found a pattern for my heart by searching online for the shape.  I was able to print my heart so that one half of it fit on a regular piece of paper.  Use your heart half and trace it onto your map.  How and where your hometown ends up depends on your map and the layout you like.  One of my maps was the whole country of Brazil.  The other was a close up map of Central Florida.  They both have different looks, but that is the unique idea of combining two different things into one.

Cut out both of your heart halves and place on your canvas.  You could mount them on one canvas, but I chose to place them each on their own 8 x 10 canvas.  I lined the edges of the hearts up, on the edges on the canvases.  Use small heart stickers to mark your hometowns.

Apply Mod Podge to the back of the heart, put it in place and allow to dry.  Apply a layer of Mod Podge over your entire canvas with a foam brush and allow to dry.  Repeat this process until you are happy that it is sealed in place.

This Hometown Heart Map Canvas is the perfect wedding or Valentine's Day gift.  Make one for your friends or your sweetie.  A simple project with a lot of meaning behind it.

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