Friday, December 19, 2014

Dollar Store Gold & Silver Nutcrackers

Want a quick and easy way to class up your holiday decor this year?  Add a beautiful silver or gold accent without the golden price.  These nutcrackers were just a dollar apiece plus paint cost.

I found these small wooden nutcrackers at the Dollar Tree.  The fur beards and hair weren't working for me, but they easily peeled off.  Make sure to remove any stickers or loose pieces that won't paint well.

I used metallic gold and metallic silver spray paint to cover all sides of my nutcrackers.  Allow to dry.  Add a second coat if necessary.  These would also look great in white or any solid color to match your holiday decor.  Want a little sparkle?  Use glitter paint!

Your nutcrackers are ready to create a festive look in your house.  The perfect little accent to add a touch of class to any nook in your home.  Small ornament painted nutcrackers would be the perfect gift topper as well.

Happy Decorating!

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