Monday, January 26, 2015

Beach Condo Family Room Makeover

On New Year's Eve, we finally closed on our beach condo.  This is going to be a place that we can use for family vacations, but also a place we can rent out to help cover the costs of owning it.  Our first day as owners was not as exciting as we thought it would be.  Our New Year was saddened by the loss of our first furry baby.  We had to say good-bye to our beloved Tyke.  We miss him, but remember him as the loving pup he always was.

Despite the cheery yellow color, we were not too enthused by the bright decor of our new beach house.  It will definitely be a work in progress.  The progress will have to halt for a while too since it is booked for the next two and a half months.  However, we did have most of a month to get some work done.  I wanted to share the hard work we have done so far.  Our first task was to tame the bright yellow and to get rid of that mirror above the fireplace.  The mirror was quite easy to remove, but the color was not.

It took quite a few coats of paint to cover the yellow.  The blue plaid couches weren't our favorite either.  The biggest pain was the fact that all the moldings, fireplace, and doors were a dirty color. Painting all those items will probably go unnoticed now that they are done, but had to be freshened up with some white paint.  The little details took a lot of work, but they will be worth it in the end.  It really does make the place look so much cleaner.  So glad we were able to change out those couches!

We can't really afford to do everything at once, but we knew we wanted to make a big impact with what we could change.  Other changes will come in time.  Can't say enough about how much you can change with some paint.  Love the new color!  A few accents to make it our own and it is starting to feel like home.

The wood accent wall above the fireplace was pretty simple, but gave a great beachy touch as well.  We did the same process up the stairway landing, which I shared Here.  

We have been working like crazy and I'll be glad to have a normal weekend again, but I'm sad that we will have to take a break from this place to share it with some renters.  I hope they enjoy the place as much as we have so far!

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