Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fountain Garden Planter

Springtime is here in Florida.  Actually, it almost feels like summer some days.  I think the heat index was 102 today.  No more cold snaps to kill the flowers, so that means it's time to get our yard in shape.  The worst part for us to deal with are the out of control weeds that like to take over.  Weed pulling is a full time job around here.  Not my favorite thing to do either.

Not too long ago, someone had left this old water feature fountain out by the curb.  My good hubby was nice enough to bring it home for me.  It has been sitting by the side of our house for a bit, waiting to get used.  I knew it wouldn't be used as a fountain, but I thought it would be fun to add as a planter garden in our backyard.

We filled the fountain bowl with some potting soil.  I picked up mint and basil plants in the herb section, as well as some flowers for color.  I spaced them out with some room to grow.

They Fountain Garden is a great little focal point in our back corner.  You will need to be sure to water your plants often, especially when they are still getting established.  Water doesn't hold as well in the soil as it would in the ground either.  Although it's tougher for the weeds to grow up there as well.  At least it is easier to pull them at this height.

I had my little helpers out to help me water my plants.  

I chose a few different colors for my flowers.  I love the mixture of them together. 

I got lucky to find this fountain to make my garden out of, but you can make a garden out of almost anything.  Be creative and see what will work as a container garden in your yard!


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