Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snack Basket Teacher Gift Idea

Just wanted to share a quick Teacher Gift idea. We wanted to just send in something small for teacher appreciation week since we were going to send in an end of year gift as well. We checked out his list of favorite things and made a little snack basket for him. To tie it all in we wrote a thank you note as well. We had fun using words to describe our goodies and incorporating them in our note.  We used Dew (do) for our Mountain Dew, Joy for our Almond Joys, and Star for our Starbucks gift card.  I created the note in Word.  First I added clip art of an apple and enlarged it.  Then I wrote my note on top of the apple.  Print it out on cardstock and cut out your shape.

Have fun with your note and finding your teacher's favorite snacks.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and almost summer!

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