Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beer Cap Shadow Box for Father's Day

Father's Day is almost here.  I'm not sure what your Dad likes to do, but both my Dad and my Hubby enjoy a beer now and then.  They both also like to try new and different beers.  If this sounds anything like the man in your life, then maybe you should make him his own Beer Cap Shadow Box!  This is a fun and easy DIY gift for the beer lover!

You can find ready made shadow boxes that have the slot on the top or even the sliding top, but they can get pretty expensive.  You should be able to make your own for much less, especially if you utilize one of those handy 40% off coupons that many of the craft stores offer.

You can purchase any type of shadow box.  Mine was about an 8x10 size, perfect for a shelf top beer cap shadow box.  Using a Dremmel, we used a cutting tip to make our rectangular hole in the top of the shadow box.  After getting the right size, we sanded the inside of the cut to make it smoother.  Test your slot to make sure your beer caps will slide in easily.

Now you have a beer cap shadow box, but it may be a bit boring.  You could stencil a saying on the front of your frame or even a picture.  I decided to use beer stickers to add some interest to the front of my shadow box.  Pair it with a six pack of beer and Dad will be ready to start his beer cap collection with his new beer cap shadow box!

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