Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day Mini Canvas Art

Father's Day is this weekend!  You didn't forget did you?  I'm sure you have the perfect gift for Dad, but if you are still looking for that last minute gift to make with the kids, then I can help.  My girls and I decided to make Dad his own collection of mini art.  We all made our own little masterpiece to give him.

To make this a quick and easy DIY craft, we used mini canvases and Sharpie markers.  You could sketch your design with pencil, or just jump in with your doodling.  I actually found my four pack of canvases at Ross, but you can also find them at JoAnn's or Michaels.  Choose just a few color Sharpies or go for the full rainbow.

Everyone had their own ideas of what they wanted to create.  I love how they all go together in their own way.  

Dad will love each and every art piece, because he will know that it was made with love from the heart.  

 I helped my youngest by sketching a heart that she could color in.  Afterwards, we traced around the outside of the heart with black to sharpen the look.

On Father's Day, Dad will have the perfect collection of art to hang to remind him just how special he is to his family.  
Happy Father's Day!

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