Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Goodwill Stools Makeover

I love finding a hidden gem among the trash.  That's why I love browsing at Goodwill stores and thrift stores.  You never know what you might find.  We had been looking for a new set of stools for our kitchen counter.  We were looking for backless stools because our space is kind of limited.

However, when I saw these beauties, I couldn't pass them up.  Ok, so they needed some work, but you could tell they were well made by just the weight and feel of them.  The wood was in good shape, they rotated well, and they were very sturdy.  For just $10 each, it was a deal I couldn't resist.

The seat cushions had definitely seen better days though.  There was quite a variety of paint colors and dirt.  Someone may have taken a marker to them as well.  The wood was easily cleaned with a magic eraser sponge, but we decided to just recover the seats.

I found our material at JoAnn's in the home decor section.  It's from the HGTV Home collection, called Turtle Shell.  I love the bright colors and geometric print.  I was able to get enough fabric by purchasing 3/4 of a yard.  With my coupon, I was able to get the fabric for around $15.  This brought our project total to $35 for two stools.  This is less than half the price you would pay for just one new stool.  After unscrewing the stool cushions from the stools, I unattached the black back fabric.  Position your fabric in place on the top of your stool cushion.  Be sure to center any design if your fabric has one.

Fold your fabric under on one side and staple in place around the edge.  Stretch the fabric to the opposite side of the stool and staple in place.  Now staple the other two sides, stapling a few staples on what would be the four sides.  Now pull and position your fabric evenly between these four "sides" and staple the rest of the fabric in place on the bottom of the stool seat.

Trim the excess material.  Replace your black cover fabric and attach it in place with staples around the outside edge.  Screw the seat back to your stool base.

I was very pleased with how these stools turned out.  They are the perfect pop of color for our kitchen.  Off to do a little more treasure hunting!

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