Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dollar Store Sock Snowman

I wanted to share a cute and easy craft project that you can do with the kids!  These adorable sock snowmen are easy to make, inexpensive and great little guys to use as decorations around the house!  I love Christmas, but there is always so much going on and things to do.  Crafts have to be quick and easy or they just don't get finished.  That's why these sock snowmen are the perfect holiday craft!

I found all of the supplies I needed to make the sock snowmen at the dollar store.  I used men's white crew socks for the body, kid socks for the hat, and twine to close up my sock.  One bag of rice should make about two snowmen, depending on how big your socks are.  I attempted to use the funnel to help pour in my rice, but it kept getting stuck.  It was just easier to pour the rice into the sock without it.

Begin by cutting your sock in half around the heel of your sock.  I was able to make two snowmen out of one sock.  It you are using the toe, just pour your rice in, tapping as you go to help settle the rice.  If you are using the top portion, turn your sock inside out.  Tie one end closed with your twine and then turn the sock right side out again.  Fill with rice and then tie the top closed with twine.

Decide how big you want to make your snowman's head.  Tie another piece of twine around his neck to give him his head and body.  You can trim your twine or tie it into a little bow.  Now it's time to take your little kid socks.  You could trim the end off, but I just started rolling it up at the cuff until I got the size I wanted for my little guy's hat!

After sliding his hat on, it's time to give him a face, maybe some buttons or add a scarf.  I used Sharpie markers to decorate and add the final touches.  Want to add a scarf?  Cut a small strip of fleece and tie it on!  My girls loved to make their own little snowman family.  We have them in all sizes to make each one a little different.


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