Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pet Memorial Stone DIY

It's been a year since we said good-bye to our sweet baby Tyke.  He was our first fur baby and a very sweet and sensitive dog.  It was something that came on quite suddenly for us, but long enough to see him suffer.  We made the decision to let him go when we just couldn't see him like that anymore.  After letting him go, I did not take it well.  I needed him in my life, even if it was just a little memorial to keep him close.

I decided to make a little stone memorial for Tyke.  I wanted to see his name and keep him close.  I had made paw prints and framed them before he passed.  I made copies of his paw prints and used that along with his name and an angel picture.  I printed all of these on to a piece of cardstock.

After printing, I cut out the inside images of my letters and pictures to make a stencil.  I'm sure if you have a Cameo or Cricut you could do this on there, but this worked for me.  

I placed my stencil on top of a concrete stepping stone I got at a home improvement store.  Using a black Sharpie marker, I traced inside my stencil onto my stone.  I then colored in my letters and freehanded the date as well using a Painters paint marker.  This will last much longer, especially outside.  Mine still looks good a year later, but you could always repaint if it starts to fade.

I made another smaller stone with Tyke's name and paw print on it to bring out to our beach condo. 

We placed our memorial stone in our backyard underneath a maple tree.  I smile when I see it and try to remember the good times we had.

He was our first baby and nothing could replace him.  We miss him everyday.  My youngest still talks about him all the time and tells me she can't wait to go to heaven to see him.  I know he is no longer in pain, so I'm glad he can rest.  Still doesn't make me miss him any less.  Love you Tyke!!

Ball Bin Memorial

Framed Paw Print


  1. What a lovely way to remember your beloved friend. :)

  2. Thank You for creating this post. My dog Manilla was hit and killed last night. While trying to preseve her memory before cremation I came across this and bought what I needed. Thank you

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss! I know this is a difficult time 🐾


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